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JSLint.VS and Solution folders

Oct 29, 2009 at 7:20 PM

It doesn't like Solution folders...e.g in my Solution I would normally create solution folders such as Libraries, Web, Tests, etc, and then place my projects inside these folders.

My main project where my JS files are kept are in the Web solution folder.  When I view the JSLint options, under "Don't Check The Whole Solution", it only lists the top level solution folders rather than the projects they contain.

Building the project returns no JSLint errors, and the temp.js file doesn't even get created.  When I move the project back to the top level of the solution, it then starts to work, though it still isn't listed in the JSLint options.

If you then save the new solution structure, close it and re-open it, it then shows the project in the JSLint Options, as well as all the subfolders within the web project, such as img, js, css, etc.

So I guess this is a bug as it only appears to look at the top level rather than projects hidden away in solution folders.  I know the source code is available so someone can probably fix this, though I'll submit this as an issue to see if the original creator can fix it.